PSA Nitrogen Generators

Isolcell on-site nitrogen generators

The air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen, 20,9% oxygen, 0,96% argon, 0,04% carbon dioxide and a few rare gases. Nitrogen is an inert gas that lends itself to a variety of uses.

Isolcell has been among the first to develop several practical solutions and to make nitrogen easily available to businesses. Traditional methods of supply such as high pressure cylinders, liquid nitrogen tanks and storage tanks create various difficulties for companies: costs of transportation, risk of supply delays, need to have a dedicated and confined space, frequent checks on safety and maintenance, etc. These issues result in often unpredictable and significant costs. The awareness of these issues led us, a while ago, to study an alternative, more affordable, functional, and ecological system: on-site production of nitrogen via autonomous generators. On-site production brings clear benefits to companies. First, they can count on a steady and punctual supply which does not depend on external factors; they can achieve significant savings by cutting procurement costs; they can also count on a leaner and more rational operability: local production of the amount of nitrogen needed with the desired purity can be started and stopped immediately and without waste.