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Main applications:

  • MAP Packaging for meats, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta, IV range products, cream, Yoghurts, Desserts, Fresh Mushrooms, Microwave Burgers, Hot Dogs
  •  Snack and dried foods processing
  • Coffee processing, Tea, Herbal infusions
  • Complementary foods for infants and young children

NITROGEN E941 Nitrogen for Food Applications

Food grade nitrogen within Europe is given an additive number E941.

Food additive E941 specification purity limits
Nitrogen* ≥ 99% v
Oxygen ≤ 1% v
Water ≤ 0.05% v (500ppmV)
*99% including other inert gases such as noble gases (mainly argon)

Carbon monoxide ≤10 ppmV
Methane and other hydrocarbons (as methane) ≤100 ppmV
Nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide ≤ 10 ppmV

DOWNLOAD of an E941 food nitrogen analysis sheet produced by Isolcell PSA generators