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Control system

N2 Nitrogen Generators

All M, S, and D PSA NL generators are equipped with an analysis system of residual oxygen which controls the operating parameters of the generator.


All Isolcell nitrogen generators are equipped with an Electrochemical model EL Oxygen Analyzer (measures in % Vol.).

The analyzer continuously measures the residual oxygen level and maintains the purity of nitrogen set.

As an option for high purity levels it is possible to equip the generator with a Zirconium Oxygen Analyzer with visualization in % (ZL Model) or in ppm (ZH Model).

The control system is modular and can be equipped with various communication interfaces (RS485, CAN, with 4-20mA current). The optional modules allow you to match the nitrogen generator with the many different systems for monitoring and remote controlling available on the market in order to remotely transmit all parameters related to the operation of the system, thus allowing, among other possibilities, continuous tracking of the quality of gas produced.