PSA Nitrogen Generators / Series D Serie D industry psa 1

PSA Nitrogen Generators / Series D

Isolcell on-site nitrogen generators

PSA Nitrogen Generators
D6 – D7 – D8 – D9 – D10

Double capacity compared to S series generators

nimos d6 nimos d7 nimos d8 nimos d9 nimos d10

Double capacity compared to S series generators

Nitrogen generators for industrial applications, purity from 95% to 99,999%.
Perfect to produce large quantities of nitrogen, over 350 Nm3/h and up to 1.066 Nm3/h adding two expansion modules.
Their modular structure allows the expansion of the production capacity of the system even after the start of the operations, simply by inserting other filtering columns into the single machine, or by adding external modules. In this case, thanks to our “multibanking” system, it will be possible to take advantage of the optimization of work cycles and power consumption.

  • PSA technology
  • Easy set up, only dry and filtered compressed air is needed
  • Integrated oxygen analyzer, standard for every model
  • Multibanking system, it is possible to increase nitrogen production simply by adding more banks.
  • Easy maintenance, low service costs